If you had ever imagine a place out of this world where a dream becomes reality, you are on the right track. In the archipelago of the Azores, more specifically on the paradisiacal island of Terceira you wil find “Quinta do Rossio”. Located on the north of the island "Quinta do Rossio” is a place untouched by time where goat farmers once lived and use to produce most of the fresh goat cheese to supply the city of Angra do Heroismo.

Inevitably, due to the lack of infrastructure, the eight families that once lived in this area abandoned their homes, which continued to deteriorate throughout the  years, leaving traces of their existence to be appreciated to these days.

This peaceful area, known as Rossio, lends its name to the resort and officially belongs to the village of Altares. However, by virtue of being on the border between the two villages, it benefits from the climate and infrastructure of Biscoitos, which is one of the villages in Terceira, most equipped for tourism.   

The main house on the Quinta, which was rebuilt with the intention of maintaining its original century style, consists of four bedrooms each with a queen-size bed and private bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. In addition, the house is equipped with central heating and a fireplace in the living room. The original furniture, which for the most part belonged to the family, was restored in order that we may offer our guests a rustic and calming atmosphere in contrast to their daily routine.   “Quinta do Rossio” is located approximately 2500 meters from one of the best beaches on the island, the Biscoitos shoreline. Also within the same distance you can find in the center of Biscoitos the first aid and medical services, pharmacy, post office, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, church and public transportation.

To explore “Quinta do Rossio”, you can do so, by using the fitness circuit which measures 500 meters and can be used for exercise or to appreciate the breathtaking scenery including the sunsets on the horizon, just beyond the neighboring island of Graciosa. Additionally, moments of refuge can be past in Quinta where various strategically placed seats can be used to relax, reflect, read and even draw or paint.

Our guests are also welcome to participate in the daily tasks of rural life  of the Quinta. They may also watch the planed flight of the eagle (Açor) that can still be found in this area as well as other endangered species (Pigeons, owls, bats, etc.).

In addition, guests can also enjoy the Sauna (wood burning heating system), a nice tan and swimming in a salted water swimming pool we have in this designated area.

 For those who cannot neglect their daily prayers,a small chapel built in the honor of Our Lady of Grace is available on the property.

For the lovers of hunting, this area is abundant with rabbits and Cornish hen; hunting trips with the local hunters can be organized.

Furthermore, two steps from the beach area in Biscoitos, one can explore the harbor and go fishing, swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling in the unpolluted waters of the Atlantic Ocean.                                                                                                                       © Alberto Oliveira 2014